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Breakfast - 8.30-11.30am
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Look across La Chaudanne and there we are, "hello!"
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Welcome to Evolution Café - Bar - Brasserie 

in Meribel, heart of the beautiful 3 Valleys

Evolution is open all year round and in our 12 years we have become a firm favorite amongst locals and returning holiday makers.

Nestled in next to Jacks Bar at the Chaudanne, and 50m from the main ski lifts, Evo is not always easy to spot but once you find us you'll keep coming back.

Our friendly staff will make you feel welcome with a personal yet professional service, and the food is great value for money without compromising on the quality.

Our aim is to offer a great dining experience in a relaxed and comfortable surroundings, using simple yet delicious locally produced food.

All in all Evolution is the ideal place to make the most of your time in the Mountains or simply unwind after a hard day on the slopes.


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"One must work and dare if one really wants to live"

Meet the Evo team

Jimmy Torre
Role:    Manager
Age:      37
From:   Caterham, La Coruña, Meribel
Seasons: 12
Ski/Board: Board

After 11 years, I think it's safe to say that for me Meribel is no longer just about the après ski and the endless search for powder. Even though I do still try to partake in the latter when I can.

Meribel is my home, as is Evolution and over the years my passion for good food, great product and fantastic service has helped it grow into the blooming business that it is today. 

But all that would mean nothing without the support, creativity and dedication of the friendliest and most hard working staff in town. 
Evolution staff - I salute you!


Tracey Torre Bowes    AKA The Ginger Fury  AKA The Wife
Role: Head Chef
Age: 36
From: Wensleydale
Seasons: 12
Preference: Board

Why Meribel? Because it’s lush

Why Evo? Because I’m married to the boss

Favourite drink: Northern lass = Pints of beer

Interesting fact: In Greek Mythology, redheads turn into Vampires when they die.

Embarrassing fact: When I was little i wanted to be a vet so that I could save all the cute fluffy little animals, now I just cook them

Melly Mel Galloway                                 AKA The Honey Pot
Role: Assistant Manager
Age: 30
From: Bristol via Wales
Seasons: 6
Preference: Ski, this season board!

Why Evo? The only place that would hire me

Why Meribel? Home is where the honey is

Favourite drink: Espresso Martini

Interesting fact: Last year more people died taking a selfie than from shark attacks

Embarrassing fact: I can solve a rubix cube in 4 minutes, not bad for a closet                                      rangor / day walker

Katy Jennings 
Role: Administrator
Age: 29
From: The K-Hole via Surrey
Seasons: 5
Ski/Board: ski/board


Why Meribel? I live here all year round because it is a beatiful place full of great people, with tons of stuff to do

Why Evo? Best office in town! (Ok, maybe not so much but best crew for sure...)

Interesting fact: According to the Guinness book of records, the largest snowflake to fall was an aggregate snowflake (where lots of snow crystals stick together) and measured 15 inches diameter and 8 inches thick.

Embarrassing fact: 




Stef Palmer AKA Seymore 
Role: Restaurant Supervisor
Age: 23
From: Saffron Walden
Seasons: 6
Preference: Ski

Why Meribel? Arrived 6 years ago on my gap year and can't seem to leave

Favourite drink: Genepi!!!

Interesting fact: Rick Moranis is called Seymore, not the plant. Therefore the reference is flawed from the start.

Embarrassing fact: My boyfriends Moobs are bigger than mine

Myles Knight AKA Norman
Role: waiter/bar
Age: 24
From: Stamford
Seasons: 3
Preference: Board

Why Evo? Best food, best cocktails, best people.

Why Meribel? Great skiing

Favourite drink: Tom Collins

Interesting fact: I am the owner of Britain's largest collection of non spherical monocles

Embarrassing fact: I've now deferred 3 times because I love my boss

Andrew Collins
Role: Chef de Partie 
Age: 24
From: Northallerton
Seasons: 2
Preference: Board

Why Evo? Cause you had me last year

Why Meribel? Lot's of friends there

Favourite drink: Rum

Interesting fact: I'ld never ski'ld or boarded before last season 

Embarrassing fact: My boss had to kick in the bathroom door when I was showering because I was flooding the pub. I think he wanted to see my tabbernackle

Callum Wilson
Role: Waitress/Bar
Age: 26
From: Edinburgh
Seasons: 2
Preference: Ski

Why Evolution? Every bar needs a whipping boy so I volunteered

Why Meribel? Can't think of a place I've felt more at home. The people, the mountains...nothing quite like it

Favourite drink: White Russian

Interesting fact: Last season, half of Meribel thought I had passed away... I was in the kitchen doing an AFD

Embarrassing fact: #prayforcal


Ross Clarkson 
Role: Sous chef
Age: 24
From: The North
Seasons: Virgin
Preference: Blades

Why Evo / Meribel? Crew

Favourite drink: Thatchers till I die

Embarrassing fact: Tits

Interesting fact: First

Ashton Williamson
Role: Waiter/Barman 
Age: 25
From: London
Seasons: 0 
Preference: Ski

Why Meribel? The skiing looks amazing and after my brother told me about his time out there last year I had to check it out

Favourite drink? A Clover Club

Interesting fact: When I wasn't 11 I won junior joker of England in a stand up competition

Embarrasing fact: I was once robbed by two 11 year old girls

Alice Greaves
Role: Waitress/Bar
Age: 18
From: Leicester
Seasons: Virgin
Preference: Ski

Why Meribel? Why not? New and axciting!

Favourite drink: Prosecco or champagne (anything with a bit of class)

Interesting fact: I'm from the land of pork pies

Embarrasing fact: Most things I say

Luke Mcghann
Role: Chef
Age: 22
From: Essex
Seasons: 5
Preference: Skier

Why Evo's? Because it is the place to be!

Why Meribel? It's the best resort with the best skiing and the best people, nowhere else comes close

Favourite drink: Gin & pineapple (like Snoop Dogg)

Interesting fact: Last season I nearly ran over Jamie Laing and Spencer Matthews at the same time

Embarrasing fact: I missed


Amelia Power AKA Power
Role: Waitress/Bar
Age: 22
From: Leicester/Exeter
Seasons: Virgin
Ski/Board: Ski

Why Evo? I appreciate good food and good beer even more

Why Meribel? For the ski

Favourite drink? Dark and Stormy (like me)

Interesting fact: I'm relly scared of belly buttons

Sam Eminson
Role: Potwash extraordaire
Age: 22
From: Ipswich
Seasons: 2
Preference: Ski

Why Meribel? It's a mountain and you can ski on it

Favourite drink? Water

Interesting fact: If you like water, you allready like 72% of me

Embarrasing fact: At the age of 22, I still enjoy going to the zoo

Role: SousChef
Age: ?
From: A kitchen
Seasons: ?
Preference: Pans

Why Meribel? 

Favourite drink: 

Interesting fact: 

Embarrasing fact:





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Evolution - Next to Jacks Bar at the Chaudanne, 50m from the main ski lifts and opposite the Olympic pool and Ice rink. Also opposite
the bus stop serving all 4 meribel shuttles to Les Allues, Village, Mottaret, Altiport and Belvedere, and the bus down to Brides Les Bains

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Evolution café, bar, brasserie

SARL Jacks Evolution, bp 78
Route de La Chaudanne
Meribel, Les Allues
73550, FRANCE

Phone (+33) 04 79 00 44 26

Fax (+33) 04 79 00 58 35

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